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This deal is a value add retail deal in Long Beach, CA. It is a 13 unit retail center with two vacant units. This can be categorized as a value add deal since its current occupancy is around 85% and leases that are below market. The property is located on the north side of Long Beach, so it isn’t in the booming area of Long Beach close to the beach. PCH is a significant artery for the area, with over 46,500 VPD (vehicle per day) going by the property per the OM. Long Beach continues to experience a rapid boom…

We are taking a look at Chimney Rock Plaza in Bridgetown, New Jersey. This is a stabilized acquisition in what is being categorized as an affluent community. This investment is located in a retail corridor with many national brands in the surrounding area. This is an older building built in the ’80s. Seven out of the ten tenants are signed to long-term NNN leases making it a relatively stress-free investment.

Financial analysis

We loaded this ten tenant property in Investart and were able to gain a much fuller understanding quickly. With this many tenants, it's a good idea to understand…

Image from the OM

We have taken to the web and found a new property to showcase. Chapman Plaza is a strip center in Orange County. Loading this property into Investart, we can quickly see the financial returns of this investment opportunity. For this analysis, we will also be using the newest feature, the waterfall distribution.

High Level View

This deal is pretty straightforward. It’s a stabilized deal in north Orange County. The property is located on Chapman Ave, which is a major street in the area. Five out of the nine tenants have been in the center for over 50 years. This center has been stable…

Inside look of the ground floor

I wanted to begin showcasing how Investart can help with your property acquisitions using a live deal. I found this deal on Crexi. It is a relatively small deal, multi-tenant building. Creating a financial analysis would be time-consuming, potentially leading to this property being overlooked. Could this be a hidden gem? We can quickly find out using Investart.

This investment opportunity creates the potential for a couple of different approaches. On the one hand, you have a tenant that appears to be paying rent despite not operating their business due to Covid. On the other hand, the OM states that…

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